VirtueMart Calendar Date Field- Standard Version

virtuemart calendar date- standard icon

Standard Version
VirtueMart Calendar Date Field

The STANDARD version of the calendar date picker for Virtuemart has been completely revamped. You can now display your local language on the frontend of the calendar; change the formatting of the date; and even display a custom HTML message under the calendar. Great options for any Joomla website running Virtuemart who would like to give users the option of communicating a date requirement.

VirtueMart Calendar Date Field- Advanced Version

virtuemart calendar date- advanced icon

VirtueMart Calendar Date Field
Advanced Version

The ADVANCED version will allow you to set your local language, enter an HTML message below the calendar, change themes and many other styling options. It will give you custom control over how and what calendar days need to be BLOCKED on the calendar. You can set BLOCKED days based on custom days, date ranges, specific weeks, and much more.

VirtueMart Calendar Date Field- Reservation Version

virtuemart calendar date- reservation icon

VirtueMart Calendar Date Field
Reservation Version

You can now use Virtuemart as a simple Reservation Booking System with our easy to use calendar date plugin. You install the plugin through Joomla and it works directly with Virtuemart by creating a special custom field. The plugin is incredibly flexible and allows for listing specific fine tuning. You can block dates, days, months, weeks, and much more. Calculate the final costs for correct rate pricing AND you can choose if you would like to automatically block the reservation date so the next buyer cannot request the same dates. This version includes all the standard and advanced functions to generate calendars that can be adapted to your specific website and operating needs.

VirtueMart Calendar Date Field- Extreme Version

virtuemart calendar date- extreme icon

VirtueMart Calendar Date Field
Extreme Version

The EXTREME version will provide you with COMPLETE CONTROL over every aspect of the calendar. In addition, it also includes an advanced automated email function to send out customized emails. Emails can be based on the date the user selects on the calendar and/or the date of the actual Virtuemart order. The automated email function serves as a great automated communication tool. We recently added a TIME SLOT function; it can be independently customized for each Virtuemart listing.